Info on Ordering

Clipart of an orange egg. The label says Dozen eggs.


We currently only deliver on Tuesdays. We are just starting to add delivery services, so be prepared to be a little flexible if you choose it. A few pointers:

-- To select local delivery you currently have to pick "ship". Delivery should show up on the next page. We do not currently ship our products in the mail.

--There is a $2 delivery charge that will be added after you order

--We will contact you after you order to confirm. You can select a delivery window: 8am-10am or 5pm-7pm. If neither of those times work for you, let us know why and what would work. We will see if we can make it happen or let you know if we can't.

--At times the website has decided to monkey with the checkout options. If things are wacky or hard when you're checking out, text or call our Google Voice number: 312-715-7627

Farmstand Pickup

We can generally get your order ready for the following day. We will contact you to confirm your order and when it will be ready. If you have a particular time in mind, let us know and we will try to accommodate you when we can. You can text or call our Google Voice number with questions or issues: 312-715-7627.


We currently are selling through our Farmstand and Delivery. For the month of June and July, we will also be at the Urbana Farmers Market.

Only part of the items are available at the farmstand without pre-ordering. The items that will be at the farmstand are indicated in the product description. You can always order any of our items for local pickup at the farmstand. Also, you can find our eggs at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery Farm Store where you can pick up an amazing feta or gelato as well.

We try to update our inventory to reflect what is available in the farmstand, but we only do that in the evening. If you are worried about whether the item you want will be there, pre-order or text/call ahead at 312-715-7627 to make sure.

Availability of items can change without notice. If you order and we can not fulfill your request we will contact you and figure out a solution to the problem.

SNAP Payments

We accept SNAP payments. If you would like to pay with SNAP it can cover the food, but not merchandise like shirts or mugs. To pay with SNAP select pay on delivery or pickup.

**Make sure to mention in the delivery instructions that you will be paying with SNAP so that we can make sure to bring the SNAP card reader**

Thank you

Thanks for helping to support our dream,

Anna and Laura



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Champaign, IL

Daily 7:30ish-Dusk

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